Tuesday, 17 August 2010

London Fun

Morning all, my lovely Eartha sent me some of her photos of the weekend so I can now share them here. We also had a bit of a feast on Saturday in honour of Indian Independance Day and cooked a big meal for at a friends house, complete with Bollywood music and Indian Sweets :)

Yesterday Eartha and I went on a shoe mission around London, first to Kate Kanzier in Leather Lane, then off to Covent Garden. We met up with both our lovely menfolk and eventually went to DimT for lunch on the southbank where we had pork balls, so tasty

Boots from New Look, all other shoes are Kate Kanzier, Knitted Dim Sum from The Toki Cafe. Hodge the cat can be found near fleet street, but you will have to hunt him down yourselves from there!


Anonymous said...

I've never seen Hodge the cat before! Must keep an eye out next time.

And Kate Kanzier is fab isn't it? And I'm definitely going to New Look for some booties soon!


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