Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lovely Things

Go England!!! I <3>3 the world cup, it's a good excuse to be mildly patriotic and get together for bbqs (thankyou lovely friends from this weekend xx). Here are some pretty things I found around the house...

I made some more car pincushions, not a patch on the first but still very cute. I then went through my card collection and found these fab ones, are cards not amazing :D

(my soon to be mum and pa in law gave me the card above purely because they saw it and thought of me - how ace - I do love fuzzy felt, have ordered some on ebay so am quite excitied)

And here is my ultimate favourite car boot find, totally random and wonderfully sweet!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Deborah Bag

Do you remember ages ago waaaaay back in March I gave you a sneak preview of a project I had made? Well I can finally reveal the final photos!

I had no pattern for this, so just kinda made it up as I went along but if you want a tute please ask! It has a cool all the way through pocket on the front I was particularly proud of (go me) xxx

Amazing Cake

Is this not the most amazing cake ever made??? It was not created by me, but my lovely London friends for my partners birthday (lucky guy). What's even more amazing is it arrived with a massive pork belly (which made the most incredible sandwiches) and a surprise hidden inside!!!

If you can't tell btw this cake it huge, over a foot long and containing 16 eggs. Inside (after baking before someone odd tries this) there is a bottle of something very special hiding, as soon as I steal the pics of the other PC I will show you!

Big Garden Post

Hello All! Sorry it has been so long, have been having technical (and laziness) difficulties but I have lots to show you as soon as the camera charges! 1st exiciting thing is the garden, I cannot believe how much veg we will hopefully have, although I bet it all fruits whilst we are on holiday!

Firstly an art shot, sorry about the ridiculous number of photos but I am slightly over excitied!!

Above I labelled a picture, doubt it is at all readable but I might try and link to a bigger one if I can (get me trying to be all technical), if not I will email a giant copy if you want it!

Here's the unadulterated version, and a side view below:

An from now on it's individual veggies, fruits and flowers, hope you like xxxx

And here's the garden before we mowed the lawn!