Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sneak Preview

I have spent a lot of time sewing today and am very excited, but the finsihed product cannot be unvieled yet. Even so here is a sneak you know what it is yet??!

Mod Podge Jar Lids

Another Mod Podge make to go with my frames froma couple of days ago. The hardest thing about covering these lids was getting the glass pots label free, the stickers are impossible to remove, it took a lot of windolene to achieve this! I have also made some frames out of maps, they looked aace but I forgot to photograph before I wrapped for a friend but I think I have a photo on my phone so I will rescue it when I can!

Personal Ribbon

Hello! I am VERY excited about my new personalised ribbon for my makes, do you like? The colour of the writing was described as seafoam so I was expecting a blue but this minty green is even more lovely, hooray! What's even better is I have 26m to play with, so lots of things to make and label! I used them on a mini oven mit as a test (see below), will have to make another as they only really work as a pair, will have to add to my ever growing list.

For my original pan holders/oven mits see my
old post!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Lemon Overload

Quite often I order my shopping online, this usually means it's a little cheaper and also as we live near the depo so are often the last delivery in our time slot we get 'suprises' (the stuff they have forgotton to give to other people I suspect). This week we got 4 huge bags of lemons, they are currently taking up both draws at the bottom of the fridge.

I asked around for what to do with them and have so far used 10, another 20 to go though so suggestions welcome!

1) Lemon Curd (I made 2 jars) 100g butter, 200g sugar (caster), 4 lemons (rind and juice), 3 eggs and 1 egg yolk.

Melt the butter over a simmering bain marie, then add all other ingrediants and whisk gentley until custard like (takes 10-15 mins). Once done pour into a sterile jar (eg just out the dishwasher but cooled) and stir occasionally as it cools to stop crystals forming! Once cool eat and put in the fridge!

2) Viennese Lemon Swirls. Use a standard biscuit recipe but subsitute 3tbsp of flower for cornflower and add lemon rind and juice of 1-2 lemons (may need to remove some liquid, mine worked as normal though). They will have a very flowery light texture. I made sanwiches of lemon icing (yey more lemons used) for mine, you could make them uber lemony and use cream (yum)!

I got this fab book from my lovely other half for my birthday so expect more cupcake and biscuit posts in the near future! My other birthday books are below, the net is fab for ideas but there is something about books that is very lovely and traditional. I got lots of fab fabirc for my birthday, so cool quilt plans are on the horizon for my Easter holidays. 1 week to go :)

My Green-house

My lounge is slowly becoming an extension of my garden. Do you remember my germinating seeds (see here)? Well this is what they look like now!

Here's some new ones too, I made some tiny plant labels to make sure I did not forget which ones are which but it is still a little confusing! Hopefully it will warm up and they can go outside soon.

Alphabet Madness

Hello all, sorry it has been ages but have been very busy with work and friends! I have lots to show you though, first of which is some alphabet themed goodies! Do you like my piano, I am a little in love with it even if it is not all beautiful and wooden - one day maybe!

Friday, 19 March 2010


Hooray finally back - sorry has been too long but work is getting in the way of fun a bit too much at the moment! I have finally got round to finishing a very exciting bunting! It took lots of new things (freezer paper, fabric paint, bias binding) to get it done but I love it, now just need some more homemade things and a craft fair and I am away (I do get the feeling I have approached the whole selling my stuff idea the wrong way round but nevermind).

I am also soooooo excited as it is my birthday on Monday and my lovely parents have got me my own named ribbon tape and labels which have hopefully arrived! Yeys for self advertisement, but I do think it shows you are proud of what you have made if you put you name on something for all to see!