Saturday, 15 May 2010

Butterfly Pillow

Sorry has been ages but have been ultra busy at work, it's all over now for the summer though and I am on half timetable - hooray - so lots more made things arriving soon! Here's my take on Ruffle's and Stuff's 'Butterfly Pillow' to go in my Mutti's loftroom she is making over. Enjoy!

Friday, 7 May 2010

My Talented Mutti

In the spirit of US Mother's Day I have something very exciting to share with you all, a mirror refurbed by my wonderful Mum!

She found some Laura Ashley papers hiding in her local craft store and has done an amazing job, might have to get her to make me one soon! I would be so proud to be half as good a cook, homemaker, gardener, friend and mother as her, it's really nice to be able to share some of her talents here! Go Mutti! It's all part of her attic room refurb, so more cool things to show you soon!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Planets Garland

Yet another garland, I have no idea why I made this other than it was a cool idea that I had to try! I am a bit obsessed with felt at the moment as you might have noticed, so I made a more-educationalfun pretty thing!

The names of each of the planets were stitched in embroidery thread on to the coloured circle, I then backed them with balck felt using bondaweb, so very little sewing is needed!

And here is the finished garland! Enjoy!

A Few Things

Hello all, here are a few little makes for this week. I bought some really thick nice woolen style red fabric from a really nice antiques and crafts place near my parent's house a few weeks ago, as it's so lovely I want to make lots of smaller things from it, so I started with this tiny purse as a gift for a family friend!

I had to iron it a ridiculous amount to get it this flat, I think it's just one of those puffy type things but hey-ho! I also made a coffee cake yesterday and grabbed a couple of charity shop bargins, I have wanted a tiny cross stitch hoop for ages and love the odd shape of this one!

I still only have a tape player in my car, so to keep me sane on the way to work I try anbd listen to stories, I wasn't quite up for this on when driving in the dark, but now it is sunny in the mornings I thought I would give it a try!