Monday, 25 January 2010

Bolster Pictures - the better ones!

I said I would upload some better photos of the bolster I made once my brother's birthday was over so here they are! The fabric is Cath Kidston (shock horror at the price, but my Dad kindly invested in this too, how sweet!). I managed to get the whole bolster and the window seat cusion out of 1m of expensive fabric and did the piping and underside of the seat cusion in much cheaper rope print (£1 for 2m in a thrifty shop) so it evened out!

I felt terrible cutting up nice fabric, but it is making me more brave, might even try my hand at some curtains!

Felt Roses

I was inspired by The Purl Bee's Rose Barettes and made a felt rose decoration. I put it on my new bottle for now but will probably move it to somewhere in my room later as the colours tie in better!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fishy Melted Crayons

I wanted to try my hand at something un-fabric related and saw some really cool remelted crayon ideas on various blogs (see Muffin tin Mom for some good ones, wish I saw this idea before I started). To be honest making them now was a ridiculous idea as all my lovely family members are either too young or much to old to use the crayons at present but nevermind that.

1st I tried the microwave method of melting the crayons - this was unsuccessful in 2 ways, first as the crayons only melted a bit, and second as they ruined the glass jug I melted them in. I then tried a sort of bain marie style thing with crayons in individual paper cups floating in boiling water - it worked a treat! The cups were also disposable so no nasty wax cleaning! The fish mould was from IKEA.

The finished crayons! I made the bags out of the bottom of a sandwich bag and a piece of card folded over and stapled.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

More bits and pieces

Finally got round to charging the camera battery (hooray) so here's this weeks makes! I am slowly in the process of adding colour to my room and now that my exciting fabric has arrived in the post (after much snow delay) I got round to covering my lamp. I was so happy to discover the width matched almost exactly, I covered up a tiny gap with some velvet ribbon - was meant to be the back but I quite like it on show for now. The lampshade underneath was abandoned in a flat I used to live in, now it has a new lease of life! I am really messy with glue so just stitched the fabric over the frame see below).

I have seen loads of these clip frames around, the best one I think was on U Create, anyway I found a bulldog clip as I was doing a clearout that matched a bargin frame I bought for 50p last week! I have also found an amazing source of print fabric - giant primark tops, £2 for a floral top, by a larger size and you almost have 1m fabric! This is just the end of a sleeve cut and framed.

My new lamp and really ace bottle, now all I need is to find a cork for it!

Not exactly exciting but atleast it makes the desk look less broken!

Finally...some art!

Hooray I have finally got round to decorating our very blank and cream walls. We can't do too much as it is a rented house, so fabriccy art to the rescue. The one below is based on a template for a Cath Kidston tablecloth in her 'Make' book, the other two are just ace fabric!

Friday, 15 January 2010


Have gone home for the weekend to my parents and brother's house and had a chance to take a few pictures of some presents I sent my brother. I made (or tried to make) a new 'cat' version of an old bear he had as a very small child, the pattern turned out slightly giant but not too bad, if a little lumpy! My brother likes it but the real cat hates it and hides under a chair whenever anyone picks it up! I also made some pencil cases, a bit of applique and a bolster and cushion cover for his window seat.

My first attempt at piping. My zipper foot flew off the sewing machine and it's currently missing in action so I had to finish it by hand. Will add a close up later!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yet Another Snowday

Hello all! Was stuck in the house again today, so finished off a few makes (some of which are presents so cannot upload yet). With the leftovers I made a random piece of patchwork but as yet I have no idea what to make with it! I did get the chance to venture out for half an hour and randomly found a really cool £5 table that I have turned into a shoe rack. It's very unfinished (hence no photo yet) and I plan to cover/paint it but need to few days to plan before I do anything!

My lovely other half took me out for an Indian and I was given this amazing origami flower by Yogi, the owner! Isn't it amazing!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Alternative for a New Home Card

I made a hanging card type thing for a friend in Europe, they don't have any of the same traditions as the UK regarding new homes that I was aware of, such as burying a coin at the doorway to ensure properity or throwing salt over your shoulder out of the door to signify the removal of bitter experiences from the house! Slightly random I know but on the card I added two pockets, one for salt and one for coins, so I could send some to them!

Windowsill Storage Bags & Tarte Tatin

I was getting feb up of my windowsill by my pc looking a state so I made a couple of storage bags today out of some scraps of material and an old flowery scarf! You can kind of see the pattern through. I also tried out making tarte tatin (Heston's Recipe on BBC) which turned out very tasty but not a pretty as I intended!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Little Boats Gift bag

Another quick today make, I am getting seriously stir crazy now! The outer fabric is also from *fabulous fabric* ( The handles are too wide for my liking but was the first time as sewing rope, not sure my sewing machine appreciated it!

The Owl and Pan Holder

Have just made a couple of things at my Mum's request, the owl idea is from 'Make It and Love It' and the oven mit based on one I saw on 'The Idea Room' posted links below:

Oven Mit Idea

Where I Sew

I am rapidly running out of things to do in the house, so seeing as it is never usually this tidy I thought I would take a few photos of where I sew!

The K on my Katherine Bag did not show up so well and the felt was really pretty so I thought I would take a more close up picture:

Friday, 8 January 2010

New Fabric

Being stuck in the house is not good for my bank balance, ebay is just too tempting! I have spent some Christmas money on some exciting 1/2 metres of fabric from *all*the*trimmings* ( so will be making some nice girly things as soon as the snow melts and the postman arrives! K x

The snow on my house sign

Muffin Treats

Just made some muffins using a silicon tin and a book I got for Christmas, I am usually really bad at muffins but managed to get some buttermilk and they have turned out ok, they are honey and lemon flavoured. Will be storing them in a quality street tin under my new 'TREATS' cover. Might have to make it a bit more pretty at some point, K x

Treats tin cover is made to my own pattern using fabric from SKOPOS and brown shades of felt.

Present for Katherine

Shhhh, it's not her birthday until February but I could not resist posting a couple of pics of a supercute bag I made for my partners cousin's Birthday. She's 12 so it's a great excuse for me to use all the really amazing bright patterns that I should have grown out of long ago! She's quite a keen reader so will fill with books and send off soon, K x

The K looks like denim in this photo but is actually patterned felt. The birdcage fabric is by Michael Miller and bought from *the fabulous fabric shop* ( I ran out of birdcage fabric so the lining is interesting but none the less pretty hopefully!

A few things I have made for my house

I had not planned on sharing my sewing ideas at first so I have nelected taking pictures of anything I have made so far, these are all the makes that have remained in my house, not many as you see, it seems much more motivating to make presents!

When we moved into our new house there were pictures hooks everywhere and we own no art, so I eventually got round to making us some. The frame is a bargin from Sainsbury's!

A simple peg bag, the oilcloth is olve green and from Skopos, the inner material from IKEA.

Simple noticeboard made from a pinboard padded and covered.

First Post!

Hello to all readers, I cannot imagine there will be many at present but I needed someplace to share my creations so here goes! It has been snowing here for the past few days so have had lots of time to charge the camera and take photos of a few things I have made recently! Hope you enjoy, K x

My poor old car in the snow, we are not used to this down south!