Friday, 19 March 2010


Hooray finally back - sorry has been too long but work is getting in the way of fun a bit too much at the moment! I have finally got round to finishing a very exciting bunting! It took lots of new things (freezer paper, fabric paint, bias binding) to get it done but I love it, now just need some more homemade things and a craft fair and I am away (I do get the feeling I have approached the whole selling my stuff idea the wrong way round but nevermind).

I am also soooooo excited as it is my birthday on Monday and my lovely parents have got me my own named ribbon tape and labels which have hopefully arrived! Yeys for self advertisement, but I do think it shows you are proud of what you have made if you put you name on something for all to see!


Crazy Gecko said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kitty xx

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