Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Few Things

Hello all, here are a few little makes for this week. I bought some really thick nice woolen style red fabric from a really nice antiques and crafts place near my parent's house a few weeks ago, as it's so lovely I want to make lots of smaller things from it, so I started with this tiny purse as a gift for a family friend!

I had to iron it a ridiculous amount to get it this flat, I think it's just one of those puffy type things but hey-ho! I also made a coffee cake yesterday and grabbed a couple of charity shop bargins, I have wanted a tiny cross stitch hoop for ages and love the odd shape of this one!

I still only have a tape player in my car, so to keep me sane on the way to work I try anbd listen to stories, I wasn't quite up for this on when driving in the dark, but now it is sunny in the mornings I thought I would give it a try!


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