Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fishy Melted Crayons

I wanted to try my hand at something un-fabric related and saw some really cool remelted crayon ideas on various blogs (see Muffin tin Mom for some good ones, wish I saw this idea before I started). To be honest making them now was a ridiculous idea as all my lovely family members are either too young or much to old to use the crayons at present but nevermind that.

1st I tried the microwave method of melting the crayons - this was unsuccessful in 2 ways, first as the crayons only melted a bit, and second as they ruined the glass jug I melted them in. I then tried a sort of bain marie style thing with crayons in individual paper cups floating in boiling water - it worked a treat! The cups were also disposable so no nasty wax cleaning! The fish mould was from IKEA.

The finished crayons! I made the bags out of the bottom of a sandwich bag and a piece of card folded over and stapled.


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