Saturday, 23 January 2010

More bits and pieces

Finally got round to charging the camera battery (hooray) so here's this weeks makes! I am slowly in the process of adding colour to my room and now that my exciting fabric has arrived in the post (after much snow delay) I got round to covering my lamp. I was so happy to discover the width matched almost exactly, I covered up a tiny gap with some velvet ribbon - was meant to be the back but I quite like it on show for now. The lampshade underneath was abandoned in a flat I used to live in, now it has a new lease of life! I am really messy with glue so just stitched the fabric over the frame see below).

I have seen loads of these clip frames around, the best one I think was on U Create, anyway I found a bulldog clip as I was doing a clearout that matched a bargin frame I bought for 50p last week! I have also found an amazing source of print fabric - giant primark tops, £2 for a floral top, by a larger size and you almost have 1m fabric! This is just the end of a sleeve cut and framed.

My new lamp and really ace bottle, now all I need is to find a cork for it!

Not exactly exciting but atleast it makes the desk look less broken!


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