Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fish Tank, Seedlings and a new Basket

This post has been a long time in the making, but finally our new fish tank looks presentable enough to be displayed - so here it is! It's hard to tell the size from the photo but it's 180 litres, (2.5 foot across) and is bowed at the front! My partner is the fishkeeper and he really wanted a well planted tank, it will take a while to look amazing but it will be great when it does!

Conveniantly the top of the fishtank is a balmy 21 degrees 100% of the time, a perfect underheater for our windowsill greenhouses. My Dad advised us on how best to plant out the seeds today and now they are getting nice and toasty, hopefully this will help them germinate nice and slow and strong, or that's the idea anyway! As the fishtank, is, well, wet, we had to devise a washproof labelling system!

Oh forgot to mention I also got this ace basket from the car boot earlier, £4! My Mum was very persausive and made me buy it, not sure I like it at first, but now I am very taken with it, so sorry Mum it will not be turning up filled with Mother's day goodies as suggested this year!


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