Thursday, 5 August 2010

9 Things About Me & New Dress Idea

Hello All

So I have been thinking I need to spend a few of my summer holiday days making a dress or two to get over my clothes making anxiety! I have been reading loads of really cool clothing blogs recently (tavi-thenewgirlintown, streetstylelondon etc) as well as frequenting burda style and although I have been looking SO HARD for a pattern I want to make I cannot see past the weird drawings on the front and work out what the dresses might look like in my fabric on my body :S

To cut a long story short it then just hit me that why bother with all the measuring and drawing, why not use something I love and that fits as a base! So here we go, I am going to turn this:

Into a new strappy sleeved slightly bigger skirted dress in a very cute tiny star very dark deminy blue dress with buttons (I have just learned to do buttonholes so am very excited - it's so easy by the way if you have not tried, but use your own manual, much easier to understand than the webvids I viewed).

I have been putting a lot of time into my other creative things recently (work, food, other hobbies) which I don't share so much here and suddenly thought, why not! I should share, so I made a grid of nine things you may not know about me! Do you have a nine things to share?

Click on the image for the bigger version:

K xxx


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