Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Thrifty Things

Happy Tuesday! I FINALLY made it to my local market today and bought lots of veg! My car is also better after it's MoT surgery so I am road tripping home tomorrow to get my driving head back on before I have to start the dreaded commute again next week at 'too early to be awake' o'clock :D

I said I would share my yesterday thrifty finds with you all, first up I found some amazing patterns, one for a basic dress and one for.... wait for it.... cullottes!!!! I am tres excited but need to buy suitable fabric first! I also found an amazing teapot, thinking of using it just for hot chocolate, and also a really pretty red throw. I also grabbed some curtain header tape and an old blouse and finally got round to making my sewing room some new curtains (from some lovely fabric my Grandma gave me) as well as another elastic waist skirt :)

My glass jar candle holders should be popping up on oneprettything soon, keep an eye out! K xxx


oklyous said...

oh lovely! loving the teapot!
how long is your commute to work?

kerry @ kittygardensmakes said...

hehe about an hour, but I start at 8.15 :)

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