Saturday, 21 August 2010

Jewel Colours

I normally am pretty colour phobic when it come's to nail varnish but having a slow and relaxing summer has given me some time to play! My lovely friend Stephanie over on Imperfectly Painted has given me lots of ideas, so here are some of the colours I am liking right now :) I am actually pretty unsure about the blue, is it nice, or does it just look like blue tac??

The glasses were from Woolies (I miss you), 6 colours, all jewel like - I believe Whittards do some similar :) They certainly look fun when filled with equally jewel coloured Robinsons Juice!
Oh P.S. just found that OPI has a trying on simulation thing for nails! Doubt the colours match but is pretty fun! I think I get a bit like this in B&Q with the paint swatches :D


StardustStephanie said...

Aww, thanks for mentioning me Kerry! That's a nice blue on you. I actually used to be afraid of un-traditional nail varnish colors too, but when I started experiment I realized I quite like them. I'm glad you decided to venture out! I really love that Revlon in the deep purple color. I think that one would look great on you! Have a great weekend. xxx

Daniel said...

Hey, aren't those the jewels from Disney World that stick to the ceiling when you throw them? I still have a set of them somewhere.

kerry @ kittygardensmakes said...

That they are! We used to spend hours doing that, shall I bring them over on Wednesday! :P

Daniel said...

Ok! Hopefully jewel throwing will be much more fun than storyboarding all day :D Composer says it's really helpful though, so it was worth it! I just emailed you the anniversary card I made btw - hope it's ok. I tried to decorate it with an ocean theme, but the pebbles and sand looks more like leopard print!

StardustStephanie said...

I knew those looked familiar! I think Daniel & I got some, but I don't remember where? I have some too in one of my drawers.

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