Thursday, 8 April 2010

Amazing Few Days

LOOK AT THE WEATHER! It has been the most amazing few days, I have had a lovely time with my favourite London people going to museums and shopping (will show exciting purchases in another post) and eating lovely food and today was so sunny and productive!

I felt justified in wearing exciting and impractical clothes to go to the garden centre as it was sunny, so I wore my new London bought shoes and my favourtie straw hat! I went shopping and then bought lots of fruit and made my favourite lunch with some innocent smoothie.

After eating my lunch I did MASSES of gardening, including over an hour weeding, but the results look good so far, lots of blank well turned earth for vegetables in a few weeks time. My blubs all flowered today too! Hooray!

I made some wigwams for some sugarsnap and mangetout I am growing out of old bamboo from my parents garden, I also built a new arch with some clematis (purple haze!) for some more peas, the garden is looking pretty cool now if I do say so myself!

After all that I had a treat (some birthday chocolate from my nice man) and then made an even bigger treat with this crumble cake with apple and blackberry!

Last but not least I went and picked up some paint and undercoat and some amazing cheap chairs from ebay which I plan to makeover, will keep you posted!


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