Friday, 2 April 2010

Play Oven Gloves and Placemat

Yet more Good Friday makes (has been a busy day, am finding it tough to do nothing after a hectic week at work)! This is a little request and surprise for my lovely niece (and her creative Mummy) who I keep forgetting to send freezer paper to (I am sorry, will remember this time!). The lucky little girl is getting an amazing homemade play kitchen for her birthday, check out The Crazo Gecko for updates, and I was tasked with making oven gloves! To go with the gloves I had some fun with Amy Butler fabric and made a placemat complete with felt instructions for how to lay the table! I kind of want to keep it but I doubt my dinner will fit on it!

INSTRUCTIONS (more detailed now hopefully)

Both are very easy to make, for the oven mits draw a pattern to match the size of the hand of the child (I had to guess a bit) then cut a front and back (long sausage shapes) the same and 2 ends (U shapes to match the sausage ends). Hem the straight edge of the ends (the flat bit of the U) and place face up on the side that matches/where you would like them, then place the other side face down on top and sew around the whole thing leaving a small (3") gap to turn inside out. Remember to include a ribbon if you want to hang it, turn inside out, sew up the hole and your done!

The placemat has a back (a very old retro teatowel from a carboot sale), sew 2 squares faces together, leave a small gap and turn inside out (then sew up the hole), then use bondaweb/glue to stick down your felt shapes and sew around (I am not very neat but managed to machine stitch this fine). It may be a plan to trace a plate and the cutlery first to get the sizing spot on!

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Crazy Gecko said...

OMG I Love Them!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

I'm sure she'll love them too! They're SOOO Funky!!!

urban craft said...

this is adorable, will make this now that the boy is getting better about not making messes with his food.

Tam @ Sew Dang Cute said...

Your niece will love these!!! Very cute! Thanks for linking up in my link party!

Crazy Gecko said...

They arrived today and they're even better in reality! And just the most perfect size for her. I'll send you some photos .... You really are so clever!

Michele said...

How cute! I love those types of oven mitts. I'm always searing my arms. Now I know how to make one! Thanks!

casserole said...

This is SO cute!!! I need to make a full-sized version for myself since at 35 I STILL don't know to properly set a table!

I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


madebymegs said...

What a terrific idea...I am going to make this as a present for my kids for Christmas. Thanks for the great post :)

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