Sunday, 18 April 2010

Car Boot Haul (yet again)

It's the last day of my holiday (sob) but I thought I should spend it well and went to the carboot armed with £12, of which I still came back with £1! The fancy wrapping paper was a find in Crawley with a friend but all the rest of the fab stuff is from the boot of Farnborough folks cars. I also found some cool freecycle goodies but the current owners are yet to get back to me (keeping my fingers crossed).

I want to use the truck to make a fun pincushion, a little like those seen on 'Just Something I Made' which I have totally fallen in love with. I had to resist the urge to buy a whole bag of trucks, I also got lots of cool fabric, a new beautiful mixing bowl and some snazzy china teacups!


StardustStephanie said...

You got some need stuff. I wish they had "carboot" sale type things here. :( I can't wait to see the pincushion you make.

On a side note I also I awarded you the "I love your Blog award"

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