Monday, 15 February 2010

Another Monday 15th post!

Lots of posts today! I have been quite rushed recently but it is now half term (hooray) so I am having a pajama day and sorting out my plants and the blog and drinking a lot of tea! I have been experimenting with ginger beer along with a friend recently, the light one at the front is his attempt, it smells nicer than mine but is not as fizzy (not sure if that makes it better as mine hurts when you drink it!). Not exactly pretty looking but good fun, the problem is me and my lovely partner will not be able to get through all this on our own before it goes vinegary, so may have to invent some ginger beer recipes!

I did originally store mine in these beautiful pop top bottles, but the mess that ensues when you open them means I quicky decided to swap them over for a screw top and put the lemonade from the bottle in these instead (so they still feel useful!)! The bigger problem is now I have to drink the lemonade quickly too!


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