Monday, 15 February 2010

More Carboot Fun & * BURLAP *

I forgot to photograph some other bits and pieces I got from the local carboot sale last week, so here they are now! I also have jumped on the bandwagon a little as everyone seems to have it and bought some burlap (jute??? hessian??? no idea what to call it really)! It was not such a random desicion as on carboot day me and my Mum also saw a burlap/jute/hessian pillow with beads in Debenhams for £50!!! It was about 8" by 8", and I feel I must remake said pillow to see how much cheap I can get it, so far I have bought material worth £2, I am aiming for £6 but we shall see, alot of beads were involved!

I also got some very 70s teatowels, random lacey fabric and red ribbony stuff for £2 at the carboot, might be cool for kiddy presents if nothing else, it was nice and bright and I was cold so it felt a good idea to buy at the time !


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