Thursday, 18 February 2010

Satchel Bag Tutorial

I saw a satchel bag in Cath Kidston ages ago which was very expensive but very nice, so I had a go at making one similar today. To make your own you need 2 half yards of your chosen fabric and 1 long or 2 shorter belts (I used 1 for the strap and a smaller one for the buckle).

UPDATE: I have attempted to write a tutorial to show you how to make this bag, it's my first try so please let me know if it works and what you think!


Crazy Gecko said...

Yes please! I'm intrigued how you put the buckle on the front!

lori said...

great bag!

which sewing machine do you use that you can get through a leather belt? i am looking for a new machine that i can sew heavy duty fabrics. yours seems to be great at it!!

kitty gardens said...

Hi lori

I use a very cheap Brother (one of the most basic ones they make far as I know) and a new needle and just went very slowly, as the bekt was old it was quite flexible which helped a bit!
K x

lori said...

thanks! i'm looking at the brother project runway machine...consumer reports gave it a "best" rating. also, looking at the janome threadbanger machine. just want to test drive both.

good to know brother is heavy duty!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else have trouble getting to the tutorial? This looks so sweet, I'm desperate for it! ;o)

kitty gardens said...

Oops indeed it has disappeared! I will replace it ASAP! Send me a pic if you decide to make it!

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