Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pinboard Present & Pancakes

Twas my lovely friend Eartha's Birthday last weekend and she requested a pinboard to brighten up her house has part of her gift. I had some random primark top fabric that was ideal for this, I had to go and buy a staple gun (something I had wanted for ages) and decided to buy the el-cheapo brand to try out, to my amazement it's really good, I am very glad I did not splash out on a shiny one! I sewed (although you could glue) buttons to the 4 outer crosses for a bit of decoration, the middle I left open for larger items - something I did not do on my own pinboard and now regret a bit! She seemed to like it muchly!

I also tried my hand at making scotch pancakes, they were really tasty and very simple. You need 1 egg, 30g sugar, 1/4 pint of milk and 120g self raising flour. Whizz it with a whisk/processor and ladel onto an oiled pan, medium high heat, flip when the underside becomes golden at the edge and bubbles appear on the top (40 secs - 1 min). I like mine with blackcurrents and icecream!


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