Sunday, 7 February 2010

Pillowcase Bag and More Cakes

Today my Parents came to visit and to take my brother home, we went to the local car boot sale, great fun and amazingly it starts at the civilised hour of 11am! I got lots of things (will share in next post) but for now here is a bag I made out of a 20p pillowcase! I went for the Monsoon style slight use of sequins as it looked a little too old 70s bedspread for my liking! Not sure I like it still, but nevermind!

Did you spot the ribbon tag? It looks better in real life I think! My brother also helped me make yet more cakes, these are 'Queen Cakes' which are basically very egg heavy cupcakes with raisins and nutmeg, they have stayed so sticky they are great! My bro is a little more handy with a camera than I, I love the arty kettle shot!


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